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Our approach is grounded in reality. We know what it is like to run organisations, develop policy, undertake research and deliver successful public affairs campaigns. We have stood in front of that television camera and radio microphone. We have been in that seat providing evidence to scrutiny committees in order to lobby and push for change.

We have expertise in building a common focus, inter-agency working and developing partnerships at all levels from a local community level right through to Europe. We have developed effective, positive organisations built on the engagement, motivations and skills of people.

Only with a full insight can sustainable and effective solutions be identified and implemented. Our approach is focused on developing a full understanding of the context and issues you face. identifying a clear evidence base, recognising stakeholders needs and any constraints or risks

Fergal O'Donnell

Fergal O Donnell has over thirteen years experience spanning the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. He has managed a number of youth work, community development and peace building initiatives in rural and urban communities across the region. His work has always focused on developing innovative approaches to tackling poverty, inequality, disadvantage and isolation. With a BSc Hons...

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Carla Campbell

Carla has over 10 years' experience of working in the public sector. She brings a wealth of experience to the role having delivered employability and training initiatives that have community, personal and workforce development at the core. Carla has worked as an Administrator, a Mentor and Project Manager and has an extensive network across the sector. She enjoys spending time with family...

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Lycrecia McGeary

Lycrecia McGeary has over twenty years’ experience working in Financial Administration roles in the private, public and community/voluntary sectors. Having successfully managed public funding budgets of up to £20 million annually, she has a wealth of experience in budgeting and forecasting, financial policies, maintaining accurate financial records, data analysis, and financial reportin...

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Wendy Salt

Wendy has several years’ experience within the public, private and community and voluntary sectors. Within the voluntary and community sector, Wendy’s roles have been varied and have involved stakeholder engagement, volunteer management, business development, strategy development and event management.She has managed a number of youth work projects and has significant experience in wo...

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